It’s the last day of WWDC06. I’ve got one more session and then it’s a wrap. I’ve got to say I’m quite stoked about the changes to WebObjects. Apple is suppose to be writing a public statement on everything that has been announced (though it won’t cover the Leopard specific NDA stuff) and I’ll link to that when it comes out.

I’ve had a great time. I’ve managed to put faces to a lot of names from the lists and it seems like the WO presence at the show really jelled. I remember the first year I attended WWDC (2003) trying to get a WebObjects BOF to happen and failing miserably in my attempts. This year there was lots of activity and excitement and things just kinda popped.

I’ve got the joy of international air travel to look forward to this evening, and then we are off to camp for a week. But I am looking forward to getting home even if it is only for one night.

2 thoughts on “WWDC06

  1. David it is great to hear your enthusiasm about the changes to Webobjects… I gotta say that being someone who wanted to get into Webobjects for a long time… and who now is on a mac and learning the tools… all the talk on the dev-list has really been depressing me… with the tool depreciation and all… but this post has given me hope! Could all that talk on the list be FUD? You’ve given me hope! Thanks. ;o)

  2. It is a tough situation, Apple has not released a public statement yet, and the stuff they talked about at WWDC is covered under NDA. I think I am safe in saying the following:

    • As many have stated, WO is not dead.
    • Apple has deprecated key parts of their WO tools chain.
    • The Apple WO tool chain is not the only one available.

    Beyond that, I cannot tell you what I saw that made me happy. You’re just going to have to wait for Apple to tell you (or wait for Leopard to ship). 🙂

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