SuperDuper! update

Dave Nanian from Shirt Pocket Software blogs about the trials and tribulations of getting SuperDuper! updated for Leopard. The post includes some interesting details, for instance: The funky new directory hard links that Time Machine uses are available to other applications (I did not know that!)

  1. I’m glad they are taking this much care to get SD! right.
  2. I’m glad I don’t have anything that relies on the OS X internals to that degree.

Time Machine and a new motherboard

It looks like its backup week here at rebelog headquarters…

Apparently TimeMachine uses the MAC (MAC as in “Media Access Control” not Mac as in “Macintosh”) address of your ethernet port to identify its backups. If you change your motherboard (like I just did with my MBP) then your MAC address changes and Time Machine will no longer associate your backup with your machine (because as far as TM is concerned it’s a new machine).

You can browse the backup, but if you wish to continue backing up, TM will tell you it cannot find the volume. Opening the TM preferences and pointing at the backup drive will fix that, but TM will create a new backup set from scratch.



After installing Leopard on my MBP I noticed that Mail wouldn’t allow me to do “Entire Message” searches. The “Entire Message” button was greyed out.

I tried rebuilding all of my mailboxes in Mail and forcing an index by calling:

    mdimport ~/Library/Mail

Neither helped.

It turns out the MBP’s boot drive had somehow been added to the Spotlight Privacy list…


Leopard: WebObjects Notes

Leopard is out and with it comes a slew of WebObjects changes. The release of WO 5.4, the official deprecation of the tool chain (which we’ve known was coming for some time), Apache 2 support, etc.

There’ve been some posts to the webobjects-dev list which I consider required reading. I don’t know if this stuff has made it into the wiki yet, so here are some links:

So, lots going on, and it all looks good IMHO. Should be a good year for WO.


  • The permissions on /Library/WebObjects/Configuration needed to be fixed otherwise wotaskd and javamonitor barf.
  • /System/Library/WebObjects/Executables/WOOpenURL seems to be missing. I copied it from the WO53 install and that works. Upate: It turns out that it’s not needed for WO54, it just uses the open command.