WWDC: Monday

Some thoughts:

  • 30 Inch Cinema Display: Mmm… Big.
  • CoreImage/CoreVideo: Mmm… Yummy.
  • ACL’s: Mmm… Needed.
  • Automator: Mmm… Sal.
  • Stinking Rose: Mmm… Garlic.

I can’t really say much else, everything else is under NDA. I’m attending the WebObjects Overview session this afternoon so I’m hoping there will be some news there. Not that I’m holding my breath or anything.

On another note, the iChat AV fails miserably from my hotel room, (Hilton SF). The proxy they use introduces at least 5 second delay that makes carrying on a conversation virtually impossible 🙁

WWDC: Sunday

Cool Cocoa early bird session today. James Dempsey’s afternoon session on Cocoa bindings was really quite nifty (no song though). It’s nice to see Cocoa getting some WebObjects goodness :-). I found Objective-C a bit of a departure from Java, for one thing I kept running out of square brackets. I thought I’d packed enough… Anyway, what I’d really like to see is Subjective-C, but maybe that’s just me…

I managed to pass out a few “Powered by WebObjects” tags (hey, grassroots start small) and swag this year includes another laptop bag, which, despite the rumors does fit a 17″ PowerBook (it just needs to be persuaded some).

I’m off to bed, up early tomorrow to get a decent seat for the keynote. I described the scenario to Al: The anxious huddled croud, the security guards, the mad dash up the escalator to get a seat… She laughed and said it sounded like the Running of the geeks 🙂

WWDC 2004

I’m sitting in the lobby of the Hilton San Francisco as they clean my room (the one I requested with high speed internet access) luckily the lobby is equipped with WiFi.

Sorry for the dearth of posts recently, I’ve been fighting to get a major project put to bed before this trip and although I still have some stuff to do, but I’m hoping I can squeeze it around the conference (like on the bus to the Campus bash 🙂

I ran into some Apple folks on the plane down (Hi Steve, Hi Bruce), which was nice, and we all took the BART SFO Extension in to the city. I was feeling sorry for myself about the 6 hour flight until I spoke to a guy from Apple Belgium (I think) who had just spent 17 frikin hours in the air. Man that’s gotta hurt…

I’m booked into the Cocoa session tomorrow, which should be fun. I’m hoping we can spawn some sort of grassroots WebObjects BOF during the show as well, I made up some “Powered by WebObjects” badges to slip into name tags. Hopefully no one (in Apple legal) will get upset and maybe that can help spawn some conversations.

I’ll post more later, though I won’t be able to say much about the sessions. NDA, y’know.