WWDC: Sunday

Cool Cocoa early bird session today. James Dempsey’s afternoon session on Cocoa bindings was really quite nifty (no song though). It’s nice to see Cocoa getting some WebObjects goodness :-). I found Objective-C a bit of a departure from Java, for one thing I kept running out of square brackets. I thought I’d packed enough… Anyway, what I’d really like to see is Subjective-C, but maybe that’s just me…

I managed to pass out a few “Powered by WebObjects” tags (hey, grassroots start small) and swag this year includes another laptop bag, which, despite the rumors does fit a 17″ PowerBook (it just needs to be persuaded some).

I’m off to bed, up early tomorrow to get a decent seat for the keynote. I described the scenario to Al: The anxious huddled croud, the security guards, the mad dash up the escalator to get a seat… She laughed and said it sounded like the Running of the geeks 🙂