From Gary Teter on the WebObjects-dev list:

It’s been over two years in the making and now 4.0 is ready to go. Better performance, more sample code, great new features, and a price you can’t resist — free.

WireHose Server 4.0 is now free to download and use. License keys are no longer required, and there are no developer workstation performance limits.

If you’ve been asked to add tagging, personalization, content management, bookmarkable human-readable URLs, access control, localization or dynamic layouts to your WebObjects application, give WireHose a try.

If you’ve looked at WireHose before, take another look. Most of the layout support framework is now available as sample code, so it’s easier than ever to get your project up to speed. And the new WHEOCache class is pretty sweet. Big chunks of WireHose have been rewritten to use it.

This is huge… and very welcome. I’ve looked at WireHose a number of time but have never had a chance to use it in a production app. I think it’s time to change that.

Hmm… I think I smell a tacow session topic.

CSSEdit 2.0

macrabbit has released CSSEdit 2.0, a major update to my favorite CSS editor. Among the many new features in this release is a more refined UI for the visual editors and a cool preview function called X-ray.


X-ray allows you to easily see the box model that surrounds any element (padding, margin, etc) by selecting it in the preview window. This is possible to do yourself by adding temporary borders to the element’s style, but this is easier.

I really like the direction macrabbit is going with this, and hopefully they will continue. It’d be nice to see the kind of CSS analysis that Xyle scope provides. Being able to not only see the effects of your CSS rules but also be able to identify the rule hierarchy that applies to a specific element.