CSSEdit 2.0

macrabbit has released CSSEdit 2.0, a major update to my favorite CSS editor. Among the many new features in this release is a more refined UI for the visual editors and a cool preview function called X-ray.


X-ray allows you to easily see the box model that surrounds any element (padding, margin, etc) by selecting it in the preview window. This is possible to do yourself by adding temporary borders to the element’s style, but this is easier.

I really like the direction macrabbit is going with this, and hopefully they will continue. It’d be nice to see the kind of CSS analysis that Xyle scope provides. Being able to not only see the effects of your CSS rules but also be able to identify the rule hierarchy that applies to a specific element.

2 thoughts on “CSSEdit 2.0

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  2. CSSEdit is excellent, and it amuses me that something as cool as XRay, in a tool I already own and use daily, escapes my notice completely until you blog about it.

    Can you blog about finding large sums of cash just lying around?

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