You’ll BRU the day!

Who talks like that? Anyway, I just read the product announcement on Versiontracker for the latest release of the OS X version of BRU. I’ve heard good things about this software, and honestly, Retrospect really needs a kick in the pants.

BRU is a command line backup system that has been around forever in the UNIX world. They’ve tweeked it for Jaguar and Panther and added a Aqua GUI wrapper. But this is the final line from the Versiontracker listing and it struck me as hilarious:

“In addition to the graphical application, all of the command line functionality is still included at no additional cost.”

It’s the “no additional cost” bit that gets me.


Sometimes you are forcefully confronted by your own stupidity.

Sometimes you are brought face to face with the origins of the phrase “gut-wrenching”.

Sometimes you need to learn lessons you desperately hoped you didn’t need to need to learn.

Sometimes you find compassion and understanding were you least expect it.

And sometimes, just sometimes, everything works out OK.