Talk about, Pop musik!

Is it just me, or has the pop music industry collectively jumped the shark? OK, were not talking about TV here, but I think it captures the feeling.

Honestly, between the kiss, the marriage, and the tit (don’t even get me started on the other Jackson) I’ve had enough.

I am neither a homophobe, nor a prude but I just want them all to go away and stop shoving their pathetic need for fame and notoriety in my face

Home Appliance!?

According to this article:

Rumors that Apple plans to enter the home-appliance market are some of the most recent whispers to come out of Cupertino, California, sources recently told AppleInsider

Like a refrigerator, or a washer and dryer? Um, or maybe something smaller like a toaster oven? Oh, wait a minute… I hope they don’t meen something like a dental appliance..


I ran SpamSieve with EntourageX but when I switched to Apple’s Mail[.app] I stopped. Partially because it didn’t work properly with POP mailboxes and partially because I didn’t have to. The built in adaptive spam filter in Mail stopped most of my spam – for a while. Recently however, its been letting more spam through than it’s been stopping.

Luckily, SpamSieve now fully supports Mail.

Bye bye HGH, Penile Enlargement, and Nigerian officials..