Leopard: WebObjects Notes

Leopard is out and with it comes a slew of WebObjects changes. The release of WO 5.4, the official deprecation of the tool chain (which we’ve known was coming for some time), Apache 2 support, etc.

There’ve been some posts to the webobjects-dev list which I consider required reading. I don’t know if this stuff has made it into the wiki yet, so here are some links:

So, lots going on, and it all looks good IMHO. Should be a good year for WO.


  • The permissions on /Library/WebObjects/Configuration needed to be fixed otherwise wotaskd and javamonitor barf.
  • /System/Library/WebObjects/Executables/WOOpenURL seems to be missing. I copied it from the WO53 install and that works. Upate: It turns out that it’s not needed for WO54, it just uses the open command.

11 thoughts on “Leopard: WebObjects Notes

  1. I just wanted to say that your WebObjects blog has been an excellent resource for me; I read it regularly. Thanks for sharing!

  2. If you do what I did, and copy/paste the plist files from the browser into a text editor (I use BBEdit), you’ll need to ‘Zap Gremlins’ to remove illegal characters from the text, otherwise launchctl chokes on them

  3. On Leopard, I have JavaEOCocoa.framework. Should that be moved too? One list has 23 frameworks and the other has 24.

  4. Joe:

    I don’t believe that WO 54 contains the JavaEOCocoa.framework (mine didn’t anyway). WO 53 does.

    The wiki has a summary of the details here

  5. David:
    Thanks for the reply.
    What you said makes sense – I’m wondering how mine got in there.
    Regardless, the WO53/54 script and framework swaps work great.
    I tried to deploy a WO 5.4 project on a WO 5.3.3 server and there was an issue with NSArray – now all is fine.
    Thanks, again.

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