A couple of interesting tidbits pertaining to Tiger:

  • Apple has posted a API diff between WebObjects 5.2.3 and (a currently unreleased) WebObjects 5.2.4.
  • WebObjects 5.2.3 installs on Tiger and seems to run OK in both Xcode 2.0 and Eclipse/WOLips (granted I’ve done little testing beyond building and running my apps – if you see issues, post a comment).
  • For those with developer seed access, it looks like the GM build is now available from the ADC site.
  • Java 1.5 (coincidentally code named "Tiger") is available as a download from Apple as well. No word yet on WebObjects support.

2 thoughts on “Tiger!

  1. No I don’t… It looks like this is the second time this dif has been posted and pulled. So who know what’s actually going on 🙂

    As far as the content of the dif was concerned, there wasn’t much that made me go wow. They’ve implemented some standard interfaces for NS type collections (NSArray, NSDictionary, etc).

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