Tiger scratches my Samsung

Hey, everyone else got to use bad Tiger analogies, why not me?

I’ve used a Samsung ML1210 for a couple of years now, most recently through an Airport Extreme base-station, and have had no complaints.

The upgrade to Tiger however, stops it from working. The Panther Samsung drivers work fine if I have the printer directly connected via USB, but Tiger doesn’t recognize them if the printer is shared from the Airport.

My quick fix was to install the Foomatic Samsung drivers here.

5 thoughts on “Tiger scratches my Samsung

  1. Thanks for the info – it does indeed allow one to print to the samsung, but annoyingly for some reason i cannot get the printer to print out envelopes properly anymore – they printer recognizes them as regular sized paper and so prints the address off the side, regardless of whatever tray i use. any ideas?

  2. Hi David, I have ML-1210 and I have just upgraded to Tiger as well… I’ve tried following the instructions and downloaded the two packages but I still am not able to print. The file immediately moves from “Active” to “Completed”

    I’m connected to it through USB directly. I couldn’t find the driver for panther even – and for some reason the old one i have doesn’t work! Please please please help me. Many thanks. May be you can try sending me the driver through email?? Please advice.

  3. Vickie,

    Once you have installed the foomatic stuff, go to printers in the system prefs. Delete your old printer, then add new one. Click on the printer and then click on the ‘Print using’ dialog box. Select Samsung and then select the correct ML1210 printer, but MAKE SURE it states foomatic beside it.

    Hope this helps. (PS – my printer worked fine in 10.3).

  4. Thanks so very much for this solution. I’ve been looking for some way to print through my AirPort Extreme since upgrading to Tiger. Again, Thanks.

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