WOWODC 2010 Reminder

WOWODC 2010 is going to be held in beautiful Montreal for 3 days in late August (August 27 – 29 inclusive) making it less than two months away. Registration is a bargain at $565 per person, but if you hurry there is an early registration discount ($465) that ends July 11. Group discounts are also available.

I’ll be presenting a couple of sessions this year along with hosting a lab for those using ERModernLook. The full list of presentations is available here.

Since it’s inception, WOWODC has consistently been one of the highlights of my year. If you are using or interested in using WebObjects I highly recommend attending.


Though it seems only a few weeks ago that WOWODC East wrapped up, it looks like Pascal is already hard at work organizing WOWODC 2010. Based on the success of WOWODC East, WOWODC 2010 will be held in Montreal again and will take place in August of next year. Details (as they become available) can be found here.

Talking about WOWODC, the recordings for both of 2009 WOWODCs are now available for sale. A complete list is available sessions is here and the WOCommunity store is here. Don’t forget that several of the WOWODC sessions were released into the wild for free, and can be found on iTMS or here.

WOWODC West Direct to Web Presentation

I received a lot of very positive feedback about my Direct to Web (D2W) presentation at WOWODC West this year. A lot of it was along the lines of: “Wow D2W is very cool, it’s sad that everyone doesn’t know about it” Well, I agree, D2W is very cool, and everyone should know about it. So, I suggested to Pascal that we release the video for my D2W presentation for free.

The first half of the presentation has been available for a few weeks now but the second half was delayed, waiting for the processed audio.

Well, I’m very pleased to announce that the post-production work is now complete and both halves of the presentation are now available from the WOCommunity site (part 1, part 2) or from the WO podcast feed on iTunes.

Direct to Web is a phenomenally powerful but underused part of WebObjects. I hope these videos do a little to help it gain some wider recognition.

For those of you who would like to play along at home, the Movies framework and MySQL database dump I used in the presentation are available here:

Finally, I hope that these videos give you a sense of the quality and depth of the presentation at WOWODC West in general (they were uniformly awesome). If you found mine interesting, I’m sure you will enjoy the others. Pascal should have them available for sale shortly – or better yet – tickets are still available for WOWODC East in Montreal at the end of August.

Advanced track at WOWODC 2009 East?

WOWDC 2009 West (held just before WWDC) was an outstanding success (and I’m not just saying that because I presented 🙂 ) We had a gathering of very knowledgeable and talented WO developers and the conversation over dinners and breaks was as illuminating and educational as the sessions themselves.

Pascal is working feverishly on hammering the videos into shape and working hard on planning WOWODC 2009 East to be held in Montreal late in August.

Our plan for WOWODC 2009 East is for a conference focused on getting novice WO developers up to speed on the tools and frameworks. The sessions we have planned should teach you how to setup and use the tools, understand the frameworks, and build your applications using the best practices around.

However, this year’s WOWODC West also made it clear that there is a lot of value for more advanced developers in simply being able to share their experience with one another. So we are thinking about adding a second track to WOWODC East. A second room for more advanced sessions, labs, and case studies.

For this to happen though, we will need your help. Are you interested in hanging out in Montreal with a bunch of other crazed WO developers? Would you be interested in hosting a lab, presenting a case study, or giving a session on a topic that is near and dear to your heart? Either way, please take a moment to fill out our latest survey (hosted by the kind folks at

We also heard from several people that they didn’t know about WOWODC West and/or the other surveys we’ve run this year. If you know of any WebObjects developers who don’t follow the mailing lists or Twitter feeds (wowodc, wocommunity), or know about the WOCommunity organization, please spread the word!

Direct To Web

At WOWODC this weekend I gave a talk on Direct To Web that spurred a lot of interest which I was thrilled to see.

Getting started with D2W is not an easy task and I owe a massive debt to the two chapters in the Wrox book: Professional WebObjects 5.0 with Java which is sadly out of print. The book was a team effort but I believe that Jim Roepcke wrote those two chapters and is still involved in the WebObjects community. I would like to send a big thanks his way.