Advanced track at WOWODC 2009 East?

WOWDC 2009 West (held just before WWDC) was an outstanding success (and I’m not just saying that because I presented 🙂 ) We had a gathering of very knowledgeable and talented WO developers and the conversation over dinners and breaks was as illuminating and educational as the sessions themselves.

Pascal is working feverishly on hammering the videos into shape and working hard on planning WOWODC 2009 East to be held in Montreal late in August.

Our plan for WOWODC 2009 East is for a conference focused on getting novice WO developers up to speed on the tools and frameworks. The sessions we have planned should teach you how to setup and use the tools, understand the frameworks, and build your applications using the best practices around.

However, this year’s WOWODC West also made it clear that there is a lot of value for more advanced developers in simply being able to share their experience with one another. So we are thinking about adding a second track to WOWODC East. A second room for more advanced sessions, labs, and case studies.

For this to happen though, we will need your help. Are you interested in hanging out in Montreal with a bunch of other crazed WO developers? Would you be interested in hosting a lab, presenting a case study, or giving a session on a topic that is near and dear to your heart? Either way, please take a moment to fill out our latest survey (hosted by the kind folks at

We also heard from several people that they didn’t know about WOWODC West and/or the other surveys we’ve run this year. If you know of any WebObjects developers who don’t follow the mailing lists or Twitter feeds (wowodc, wocommunity), or know about the WOCommunity organization, please spread the word!

8 thoughts on “Advanced track at WOWODC 2009 East?

  1. It is coming Roger. I believe that Pascal is waiting for the audio post-processing to be completed before he can post it.


  2. Cool! We got kind of stuck, so we are very impatient 🙂 Basically we got stuck with the “why-doesn’t the relational tables don’t display correctly”. We keep seeing (also in edit mode) “om.webobjects.eocontrol._EOCheapCopyMutableArray … ” messages instead of a nice dropdown 🙁

    We might hope you would cover this aspect in part2, any quick thoughts?

    Many thanks for your quick response!


  3. Hmm,

    Try grabbing the three rules in this rule file and copy them to your app’s rule file.

    They specify the default components to use for relationships (which should be set in DirectToWeb or ERDirectToWeb but aren’t for some reason).

  4. Yeah, that works. Thanks!

    Don’t fully understand why, i needed to higher the priority, since 60 wasn’t working. Anyway, do you have any link to some documentation for the LHS keys and RHS key/values…? in general i grasp the concept. But how to find out what you can use is quiet a puzzle :S I mean, for example: smartRelationship is not a key of the D2WContext, but seems part of ERDDefaultModelAssignment (?) and the keys of the RHS are kind a mystery too, so any pointers how to get some more information?

    Thanks a bunch (again)!

  5. Aha! Since i finally got the web assistant to work. Now, things start to fall into place. Its a nice tool for setting up the behavior of pages 😉

  6. Roger,

    Please note: I do NOT use the assistant and do not recommend it’s use. If you do use it please note:

    • It will stomp all over any rules you manually add to the user.d2wmodel file
    • The rules it creates are completely and utterly insane.
  7. Thanks! we will take this in account. For the moment its “a way” of getting to know the rule system a bit better. Do you have any other suggestions? Especially the relationships (like M:N) are difficult to grasp.

    I just saw that PART2 is online, super,thanks a bunch!

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