Random Thoughts

My 2005 Select membership hardware discount key expires in week or so, so I did what any self respecting Mac developer would do. I went shopping. The first week with my new MacBook has been a lot of fun. Some random thoughts:

  • It is wickedly fast. Scary, freaky fast, even.
  • Parallels Workstation works very well for me – WinXP launches in under 40 seconds (4 Betas in two weeks! Do those guys sleep?).
  • Eclipse is very snappy. The sluggish "Hey! Look at Me! I’m running a Java application!" feeling I used to get with my PowerBook is gone.
  • The MacBook feels a lot lighter than my 17" PowerBook, and I’m enjoying that. In fact, I’m enjoying the loss of weight more than I’m missing the extra screen real-estate (especially with my new 20″ Cinema display :-)).