Alison and I are getting busy, and with that, the demands on the car are getting more complicated to manage. We have no desire to purchase another car (in fact I’d be perfectly happy to do without one all together if arriving at a client meeting sweaty/soaked/frozen from the bike ride wasn’t frowned upon).

Luckily Autoshare has come to our rescue. Autoshare is an organization that provides time-share cars, conveniently parked around the city. We are currently within 3 subway stops of 5 cars and the fleet is growing so there are more on the way.

In looking at the Autoshare members site, it is clear that the majority of bookings occur on the weekends. That’s perfect for us, as that is the time we don’t need a car.

We went for our orientation session Saturday afternoon, so we’re signed up and ready to roll. It’s a great idea, I’m glad it’s available.

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  1. Hi David. I’m a Toronto Star reporter. I’m doing a feature on car sharing culture. We already did the business story of Autoshare Vs. Zipcar. Now we want to focus on the folks who use them. I read your blog and would love to ask you how it all turned out, if you can contact me. 416-869-4301 (ask for Patrick Evans). Thanks, David!

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