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With it being the 21st anniversary of the Macintosh (take yours out for a drink – it’s legal now) and after seeing the original announcement video, I’ve got a question: What was your first Mac?

Mine was a Mac SE (System Expandable) with dual floppies and 1 MB of RAM.

Primary machine timeline: Mac SE >> Mac SE30 >> Mac IIcx >> Mac IIx >> PowerBook 5300 >> PowerBook 1400 >> PowerMac G3 (B&W) >> PowerBook G3 (Pismo) >> PowerBook G4 (Titanium) >> PowerBook G4 (17″ Aluminum)

Obviously, there’s been lots of others (secondary desktop machines and servers) but these were my primary work machines.

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  1. My first was an original 128K Mac, in April ’84 – one 400KB internal floppy drive. I later got an external floppy drive and a modem.

    Then came a Mac Classic (won from the Claris booth at the first local MacWorld Expo), a Quadra 650, a Dell (yuck), an iMac G4, and, now, a PB G4 17″.

  2. I had a borrowed 512k Mac while I waited for a MacPlus – dual floppies. Then an SE with an internal toaster oven…er…hard drive. Then a MacII, IIci, Mac (not-really) Portable, Powerbook 170, Q650, PPC6100, PB1400+PPC7100, PPC7300, BWG3, BlueG4500, QuickSilver+TiBook, MDDG4+AlBook17, G5+AlBook17. Hmmm – that seems a little excessive when you write it down… Dude! I never got a Dell! (though I owned a clone for a few months once…. ONCE!)

  3. my first mac? the G4 Powerbook I’m typing on right now. 🙂 Okay, so I’m a pretty recent convert.

    The first I ever used was an Apple IIe my mother had in her classroom when I was young.

  4. Tom, vote in the next post 🙂
    Will, welcome to the club 🙂 Ah, the Apple IIe. Before the IBM PC clones there were Apple II and Apple II+ clones. We used to import blank motherboards and assemble them ourselves. I built 40 or 50 of those things. Go Choplifter!

  5. I have been a MacAddict since I first used a 128K Mac in college (Cork, Ireland). So, the sequence is something like this:
    128K Mac >> 512K Mac >> Mac Plus >> SE30 >> IIci >> Powerbook 5300 >> Beige G3 (still have it!) >> Powerbook G4 17″ 1GHz (using it now). The best Apple experience was working in Apple Engineering in Cork, Ireland during 1995 and 1996… got to see the latest Apple technologies before they were released (and some never were!)

  6. I’m a relatively recent convert. My first Mac was a PowerMac 8500. Totally great (and expensive machine) at the time. Bought it in Q3 1995.

    Before that I was an Amiga user and for most of the first half of 1995 I ran Mac OS 7 using the incredible ShapeShifter Mac emulator for Amiga OS. The Amiga was also a 680×0 based machine and the performance of the emulated (?) Mac was > 95% the corresponding genuine Mac.

    That’s how I really got acquainted with the Apple Experience and decided that with the Amiga dying, I could not settle for anything less.

    My dream OS at the time was the NeXTSTEP but I could not afford it and besides, buying a intel PC was never an option for me: Already with the Amiga, I had been spoiled with the “It Just Works ™” experience.

    I was quite impressed by the overall elegance of Mac OS 7 (even though it didn’t pre-emptively multitask nor did it have a Command Line Interface and specialized dedicated hardware sub-systems for graphics and sound which were some of the reasons that made the Amiga such an incredible machine).

    Since the advent of Mac OS though, (which I’ve been running as my main OS since *before* the Preview Release) I have almost what I’ve ever wished an OS would offer.

    Since my 8500 I’ve had a too many macs to count :-).

  7. I started thinking about the list of macs I’ve had and realized that I never actually wrote down that list so here it goes: Newton MessagePad 2000 -> Newton MessagePad 2100 -> PowerBooks G3 Series + 20th Anniversary Mac -> First PowerMac G4 450 with DVD-RAM -> PowerBook G3 bronze keyboard + Cube + iMac bondi blue -> PowerBook Titanium + iMac G4 -> PowerBook 17″ -> PowerBook 12″ + 2×2 GHz G5.

    And I’ve had and (mostly still have) every generation of iPod released except for the U2 model.

    Oh I also have a Mac SE (wich I bought second hand like the 20th Anniversary Mac).

    And I have just ordered a Mac mini and the just released PowerBook 12″.

    I guess I have something of a Mac collector :-).

  8. I started with an Apple ][ – clone. Then came an Apple //e, a Macintosh II, a Macintosh IIci, a NeXTstation and finally my current Power Mac G4/933.

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