Yup! There’s a new blog engine in town boys!

I was getting tired of cleaning up comment spam (aren’t we all) and was looking around for a replacement writeback plugin for Blosoxom that had spam blocking. Well one thing led to another (as the internet is want to do) and I ended up reading a bunch of really nice things about WordPress.

So, I took the plunge and after a little futzing with the templates and css I’m back in business. The comments didn’t make it through (I think they might have fallen down a crevasse), but well, most of them were spam anyway :-). (Q: Should punctuation go before or after a smiley?) If you’d posted any, and were really attached to them, let me know. I’ll go all St. Bernard on them and haul them up.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce the new reBeLog, now with added blogging power, searching, a calendar, and a fresh new minty taste!

2 thoughts on “WordPress

  1. David, I hope your move went smoothly. I recently made the switch from Blosxom to WordPress as well, and am loving it! The spam blocking is awesome (better than MovableType, with the proper plugins installed!).

  2. It went very smoothly in fact. I used Marc Nozell’s instructions, and despite a couple of what the heck was I thinking moments, I had no problems.
    I’ve already installed the two comment spam plugins you wrote about, and I’m looking forward to kicking some skinny spammer butt! 🙂

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