WO Movies Example DB

I am slowly creeping towards the completion of the third WebObjects screencast. In preparation, I’ve created a tweaked version of the Apple Movies database tuned for MySQL and Wonder. You can grab the db dump and EO Model here. The model uses the MySQL protopypes from Project Wonder and the db dump matches it.

2 thoughts on “WO Movies Example DB

  1. David,
    Thanks for the great screencasts, it gave me the jump start I needed to look at Web Objects again. Unfortunately, I’m on WO 5.4, so the migrations don’t work (Rumor is U.S. Homeland Security had inadvertently cracked down on these).

    Since migrations aren’t working, I’ve just been having EOModeler generate the SQL for me, but it puts the column names in quotes, and MySQL doesn’t like that, which adds some extra steps. Is this something I’m missing in my connection dictionary, or is this a known bug?

    I look forward to the release of your third screencast!

  2. Thanks Tom,

    Migrations are apparently fixed in WO 5.4.2 (which I understand is available as part of the iPhone SDK). It also fixes the incorrect quoting issue of EntityModeler’s generated SQL.



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