Cue the surf guitar…

I’m suffering from a separated shoulder – the result of a freak bicycle accident involving a coke can, my front wheel, the sudden application of friction, and a practical demonstration of Newton’s first law of motion.

Sure I look rough, but you should see the can!

After spending 7 hours in the hospital emergency ward on Wednesday and another hour at the fracture clinic yesterday I’m left with my right arm in a sling – the exact same state I was in 5 minutes after being admitted. The extra 8 (plus) hours of waiting gained me this added wisdom: "Don’t use that arm." Advice I will gladly follow, since moving the position of that arm anywhere outside of a very small "sweet spot" maintained by the sling or doing anything more strenuous than pointing causes me to reassess the meaning of the word "excruciating."

Being one arm down makes typing somewhat difficult, so I’m trying to remedy this with technology: This post is being typed on a Bluetooth FrogPad and though I’m currently only producing about 10 words a minute that is only after a couple hours of practice. I’m cautiously pleased and expect that number to increase considerably.

One thing I’m very pleased with however, is the outstanding service I’ve received from FrogPad. They’ve answered all of my questions quickly and after hearing my story they expedited the order I placed yesterday afternoon so that it arrived this morning. Bravo!

3 thoughts on “Wipeout!

  1. David, sorry to hear about your accident. I had similar injury 12 years ago in Ireland when I was downhilling on my mountain bike and a big tree was suddenly in my way! Hope you feel better soon.

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