The Incredibles

Is. I saw it twice this weekend, once with the Significant Other, and once with the Number One Progeny (I had to to my part). Enjoyed it both times immensely. Brad Bird gives an hilarious performance as Edna ‘E’ Mode. It’s going to be tough to wait for it on DVD.

3 thoughts on “The Incredibles

  1. Thanks for the correction. Bittorent? No way! Pixar deserves my cash. I’ll wait thanks 🙂
    ps. Safari suggests “Butternut” as a spell check replacement for “Bittorent”.

  2. How wonderful it is! Today, I had seen the film – “The Incredibles” this afternoon, My father also had seen this film in this evening. This cartoon movie is powered by Disney Company.
    In this film, I love the people’s sensation, scene, bugbears. The scene is so sublime.
    With the great imagination.

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