Enabling development rapid turnaround for D2W and RuleModeler

There are a few things I skimmed over or skipped in my WOWODC D2W presentation (too much information, not enough time). One particular item may trip up a new D2W developer, it is an important setting that allows RuleModeler to communicate with WOLips and enables rapid turnaround when you edit rules during development.

Luckily there is a page in the wiki that details the steps you need to take.

D2W: Grouping fields in edit form

To group your edit form fields use sectionsContents instead of displayPropertyKeys. A rule for a User for might look like this:

LH: pageConfiguration = 'EditUser'
RH: sectionsContents =
    "Personal Info",

This will result in a form that looks something like this:


Standard assumptions apply: Wonder’s D2W classes are being used.