Web Performance Cache I Hates You!

Apache in OS X Server has a feature1 called the web performance cache which is the bane of my existence. It has limited use (mostly for large volume static sites) but it is enabled by default for every new site you create, and enabling it for just one site can effect the behavior of every site on the box.

Invariably someone creates a new site on one of our servers and fails to disable the perf cache. Bad things ensue. I get grumpy.

Server Admin makes it difficult to discover which of the 100 or so sites on our primary web servers have the the perf cache enabled (click-click, options, close, click-click, options, close… sigh). Thankfully there is another way. Fire up the terminal and type:

cat /etc/webperfcache/webperfcache.conf

This command will list the contents of the webperfcache.conf file. Any sites listed will have the perf cache enabled. Turn it off, I beg you.

1 This “feature” has cost me more time than a zillion years worth of performance benefit.