One thing that I often end up creating in my WebObjects projects are details/edit components for my entities. For instance I might have a User details page that has a edit action allowing you to switch from a static display to a form for editing.

This usually requires duplicating the layout with WOStrings (etc) for the static view and WOTextFields (etc) for the form.

Paul Suh has come to my rescue by creating a framework called SwitchableStrings. These are drop in replacemnts for the standard WebObject form elements that have the addition of an editable binding. When the binding is true they display form elements, and when false they display static ones.


One thought on “SwitchableStrings

  1. I visited to lookup “Switchable Strings” and looked at your webobjects section – its very good; thanks.

    I also noticed your comments on CSSEdit and I agree whole heartedly, I use it daily.

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