Badunk! Thwuppa! Thwuppa! Thwuppa!


The "thwuppa" sound means I just impaled my tire on a foreign object and it’s thwacking my fender. That means it’s stuck. Impaled, stuck, and tire are not good things to combine.

Sure enough, two blocks later my rear tire is flat. I thought they were kevlar belted, I guess I was wrong.

Out comes the cell:

“Al, I’m a 5 minute ride from home, but I’m going to have to walk, I’ll be 20.”

She’s waiting to leave for dinner with friends.

“Sorry, I’ll walk quickly.”

Later, I investigate the cause of the puncture. Steel stud drywall screw, embedded to the hilt. Damn! I hate those things. What is it about winter that covers the roads with construction detritus? The last time I got a flat (that wasn’t caused by a faulty installed rim) it was a drywall screw too.

Anyway, not only did it puncture the tire and tube it punctured the other side of the tube too, only a mm away from the tube stem making the inner tube impossible to repair. So now I’m riding on my spare.

Oh well, off to MEC to order some more bike stuff.

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