Reverting for now

I’ve reverted to WebObjects 5.2.3 for now.

Xcode 2.1 has a new project file format (Project.xcodeproj) which is not compatible with the WOlips XcodeIndex task and I have several projects in development that will not be moving to Tiger right away. So, upgrading will have to wait.

6 thoughts on “Reverting for now

  1. That’s a drag – the new WOBuilder looks pretty usable, although EOModeler looks pretty much the same. I’m not sure what I was expecting there, maybe the ability to navigate around with the keyboard – it’s a really click-heavy place to spend any amount of time…

  2. The new WOBuilder seems to be a HUGE step forward. I’ve only started playing but it looks like they really upgraded it.

  3. I only looked at WOBuilder for a few minutes before realizing I was going to have to revert to get any work done. 🙁

    They’ve definitely changed the UI, and I know it now supports XHTML (yeah!) but does it recognize CSS?

  4. I expected I’d need to revert so I created a backup with SuperDuper! first. To revert I just cloned back again. SuperDuper! is fast, it only took 15 minutes or so to revert.

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