Practical WebObjects

A new WebObjects book by Charles (Chuck) Hill and Sacha Mallais arrived on my doorstep last week (literaly, Steve accidentally ordered two copies, and I benefited from his Amazon click happiness). Practical WebObjects is aimed at intermediate WebObjects developers and I think it succeeds nicely. From talking about integrating Unit testing and contract programming to examples of Kerberos authentication it offers plenty of practical examples and lots of stuff to think about.

Not having taken the WebObjects courses offered by Apple (and others), I’ve done the majority of my learning relying on books, the web, the docs, and playing. Practical WebObjects is a solid book that adds depth to the existing offerings. I wouldn’t suggest it as a first book to someone getting started (Joshua Markers Visual Quick Pro Guide and Apple’s Tutorial are a better bet there) but for someone who is looking to expand their horizons or for a best practices guide I think it does an admirable job.

Thanks Chuck and Sacha!

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