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A couple of interesting bits and pieces today:

Blueprint is a CSS frameworks for making grid based web page layout much easier. It incorporates a decent reset.css (to clear all of the default rules set by the various browsers giving you a clean slate) then adds a grid.css and typography.css to give you a consistent base to start with.

I’m not much of a designer, and hacking CSS is fun, but only until it stops being fun (if that makes any sense). Anyway, this looks like a very promising start at making the fun bit last longer.

Via the Daring Fireball linked list.

ERAttachment is an addition to Project Wonder that provides a consistent mechanism for handling file attachments to web apps built in WebObjects. From the javadoc:

The framework provide a single unified set of components and models that can allow the storage of attachments on your local filesystem, served through your webserver; on your local filesystem served through a custom request handler; in your database, served through a custom request handler; and on Amazon’s S3 service, served directly from S3.

I’ve had to handle this kind of thing in a number of apps, allowing users to upload files and serve them back again. Very cool to see this make it into Wonder.

Via an email from Mike Schrag to the Wonder-disc email list.

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  1. Thanks Kieran,

    I wasn’t aware of that. Now I have to figure out which one I like more 🙂


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