EOGenerator + WebObjects 5.2.4

EOGenerator is broken with WebObjects 5.2.4 it gives this error:

this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key

Mike Schrag posted this patch to the webobjects-dev list which seems to fix the problem. As soon as Rubicode releases an official update I’ll switch, but for now this will keep me going.

4 thoughts on “EOGenerator + WebObjects 5.2.4

  1. How do we go about getting the source code to patch or where can we get a binary?


  2. The source is included in the download of EOGenerator. Like Mike, I had to touch /System/Library/Frameworks/Foundation.framework/Headers/ NSKeyValueCodingPrivate.h but after that Make built it with no issues.

  3. Thanks, I see now. I hadn’t actually looked at the directory structure to realize it was there.

  4. 1.6, May 2005 Updated for WebObjects 5.2.4 on MacOS X.
    Updated to a new MiscMerge version; new features include a debug command, and additional commands to set variables in different scopes.
    Added method javaValueTypeClassName and javaScalarValueTypeClassName that returns the name for a class or scalar value for Number attributes. For example, you can get a Boolean or Float instead of a Number.
    Added -define- flag to the -help list.
    Added initialLowercaseString to return a string with the first letter lowercased.
    Added additional template code in the standard Java template.
    Added -filenameTemplate option for more flexible filename generation. Suggested by Jason Jobe.
    Reset the NEXT_ROOT environment variable to blank so that it does not cause problems with EOAdapter frameworks loaded dynamically. Reported by Pierre Frisch.
    Fixed possible exceptions with the deleteAllXXXRelationships method defined in EOGJavaSource.eotemplate. We were removing objects from an array during enumeration.

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