Current Earth-Destruction Status

From the International Earth Destruction Advisory Board:

How can I find out if the Earth has been destroyed?

There are three ways to check.

  1. You can check the EDA level and CGC on this page at any time.
  2. If you wish to be notified by email in the event of the Earth being destroyed, you can subscribe to the mailing list at the email address below.
  3. You can add the following code: <img src=”” alt=”Current Earth-Destruction Status”
    to your website. This is a hotlink to the EDA Level image above, which constantly reflects the CEDS. When the status changes, the image changes.
    By hotlinking to this image on your website you can be the first to know if and when the Earth is destroyed.

Feel free to relax now.


  1. Well that was timely, for a minute there, I thought the earth *had* been destroyed, and I had no idea where to look for confirmation. I’m glad the IEDA was there to talk me down… [grin]

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