WWDC07 Session Descriptions Posted

WWDC07 session descriptions popped up here today. There’s a lot of hands-on stuff so it appears as if this show will be similar to WWDC05 (the just-post Tiger one).

It looks like there’s a replay of last years WO and Web 2.0 session. I notice lots of AJAX in the list, and a sessions or two on RubyCocoa and PyObjC that might be fun, and maybe I’ll take advantage of the Application Scripting Lab… uh, who am I kidding, I’m just going for the schmooze.


It’s the last day of WWDC06. I’ve got one more session and then it’s a wrap. I’ve got to say I’m quite stoked about the changes to WebObjects. Apple is suppose to be writing a public statement on everything that has been announced (though it won’t cover the Leopard specific NDA stuff) and I’ll link to that when it comes out.

I’ve had a great time. I’ve managed to put faces to a lot of names from the lists and it seems like the WO presence at the show really jelled. I remember the first year I attended WWDC (2003) trying to get a WebObjects BOF to happen and failing miserably in my attempts. This year there was lots of activity and excitement and things just kinda popped.

I’ve got the joy of international air travel to look forward to this evening, and then we are off to camp for a week. But I am looking forward to getting home even if it is only for one night.

No WWDC for me

Well WWDC 2005 is quickly approaching. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this year (finances and schedule both conspired against it). This is really bumming me out as it looks like there will be a great number of people I’d like to meet/see again (Anjo Krank, Chuck Hill, D’Arcy Norman, Guido Neitzer, Brendan Duddridge , just to name a few).

In an attempt stave off withdrawal, I’ve decided to emulate the WWDC week here at home:

Scheduled Events

  • Monday morning: Keynote! – Head for the convention centre (the SLA Annual meeting looks promising) and get front row seat in a large, busy convention room (perhaps the Chemistry Division Corporate Roundtable Breakfast). Pretend that who ever is speaking is Steve Jobs, periodicaly shout: “G5! G5!”, or “2.75GHz is close enough!”, or “Schiller! Schiller! Schiller!” until escorted from the premises by security
  • Monday evening: WebObjects gathering! – Locate an Irish pub, corner several patrons, espouse the virtue of EOF and lament the lack of marketing dollars for WebObjects until escorted from the premises by security.
  • Tuesday evening: Stump the Experts! – Head the the Yorkdale Apple store and play “Stump the Genius” until escorted from the premises by security.
  • Wednesday evening: Movie night! -Watch a Pixar film.
  • Thursday evening: Campus bash! Take the bus to Apple’s Markham offices. Set up a portable hibachi on their picnic table, drink beers, and rock out to a boom box until escorted from the premises by security.


  • Perform all tasks in 1.5 hour increments. Attempt to schedule at least two conflicting important tasks for the same time-slot per day.
  • Every second day eat a turkey wrap at Subway. At least once during the week, arrive late and eat a veggie wrap.
  • Every second day binge on Krispy Kreme donuts until ill. On alternate days lament the lack of a low-carb menu.
  • Stock freezer with frozen Raspberries and ice, make and consume vast quantities of smoothies.

WWDC: Friday

Last day of the show, It felt better attended than Friday last year. Man, do they ever tear down quickly. The last session in some of the rooms was 5:00 PM and by 6:00 the drapes and stages were down.

The WebObjects feedback session was the last session I attended this afternoon, and although not a love-in (not even close), it was much better than I expected. Everyone was very civil and Apple was quite forthwrite and frank about the future of WebO. The news was not all good (or all bad for that matter) but it was good to know. They took suggestions for improvements to the tools and frameworks, and we’ll have to see how much effect that has.

I enjoyed the show, but it will be good to get home, sleep in my own bed, and see Al and the girls again. I’ll have to see what happens over the next year but depending on the release date of Tiger it might not be worth the expense and time to attend WWDC 2005. Time will tell