C4[0] Summary

C4[0] is over and I had a great time. I’m glad I was able to attend, but the cold I’ve been keeping at bay through sheer force of will has decided it’s had enough of that and has descended on me like a ton of bricks.

I was going to do a summary of the presentations but Daniel Jalkut did a much better job than my mucus addled brain is capable of here. The sessions were very cool, but the conversations I had with the people I met really made the event worthwhile.

James Duncan Davidson has posted a flickr set of photos from the event here. John Gruber posted a set as well. If you recognize any of the un-attributed attendees please out them with a flickr comment.

Now this is completely secret, and if I tell you, it mustn’t leave this room:

I spoke to Wolf about his vision for the future of the conference and he confided to me his plans to grow C4 to be a gigantic replacement for WWDC. It would be identical in every way except that all of the Apple Engineers would be replaced by extremely lifelike marionettes. Wolf would control them all from an an elaborate scaffolding suspended high above the Moscone center by blimps…

OK, that really didn’t happen. All I do know, is that when the invitations go out for next years C4, I’ll be signing up right away.