Reverting for now

I’ve reverted to WebObjects 5.2.3 for now.

Xcode 2.1 has a new project file format (Project.xcodeproj) which is not compatible with the WOlips XcodeIndex task and I have several projects in development that will not be moving to Tiger right away. So, upgrading will have to wait.


I don’t know whether this officially documented anywhere but it looks like WebObjects is now free for development on Mac OS X.

I just installed WebObjects 5.3 with Xcode 2.1. At no point did the familiar " Enter your license string" dialog appear and when the install was completed, the file "/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaWebObjects.framework/Resources/License.key" contained a license that didn’t match my previous one.

The shows this as being a full WebObjects Developer license.

WebObjects 5.3

The release notes for Xcode 2.1 state:

WebObjects 5.3 The WebObjects developer tools are now included with the Xcode Tools. For more information see here.

  • EOModels can now be edited within Xcode with a new EOModeler plugin that integrates CoreData modeling tools.
  • WebObjects Builder has UI enhancements and generates HTML 4.0.1 code.
  • WebObjects Runtime now supports HTML 4.0.1.
  • NSArray, NSDictionary and NSSet now implement the java.util.Collection interfaces.
  • Axis 1.1 has been integrated with the Direct To WebServices feature.
  • WebObjects is qualified against Oracle 10g using the jdbc drivers.

In addition to:

  • NOTE: You do not need a previous version of WebObjects on your system before installing WebObjects 5.3

Whoo hoo! Doing a happy dance now!

No WWDC for me

Well WWDC 2005 is quickly approaching. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this year (finances and schedule both conspired against it). This is really bumming me out as it looks like there will be a great number of people I’d like to meet/see again (Anjo Krank, Chuck Hill, D’Arcy Norman, Guido Neitzer, Brendan Duddridge , just to name a few).

In an attempt stave off withdrawal, I’ve decided to emulate the WWDC week here at home:

Scheduled Events

  • Monday morning: Keynote! – Head for the convention centre (the SLA Annual meeting looks promising) and get front row seat in a large, busy convention room (perhaps the Chemistry Division Corporate Roundtable Breakfast). Pretend that who ever is speaking is Steve Jobs, periodicaly shout: “G5! G5!”, or “2.75GHz is close enough!”, or “Schiller! Schiller! Schiller!” until escorted from the premises by security
  • Monday evening: WebObjects gathering! – Locate an Irish pub, corner several patrons, espouse the virtue of EOF and lament the lack of marketing dollars for WebObjects until escorted from the premises by security.
  • Tuesday evening: Stump the Experts! – Head the the Yorkdale Apple store and play “Stump the Genius” until escorted from the premises by security.
  • Wednesday evening: Movie night! -Watch a Pixar film.
  • Thursday evening: Campus bash! Take the bus to Apple’s Markham offices. Set up a portable hibachi on their picnic table, drink beers, and rock out to a boom box until escorted from the premises by security.


  • Perform all tasks in 1.5 hour increments. Attempt to schedule at least two conflicting important tasks for the same time-slot per day.
  • Every second day eat a turkey wrap at Subway. At least once during the week, arrive late and eat a veggie wrap.
  • Every second day binge on Krispy Kreme donuts until ill. On alternate days lament the lack of a low-carb menu.
  • Stock freezer with frozen Raspberries and ice, make and consume vast quantities of smoothies.