Connection Dictionary Twiddling – Part 2

I wrote about using Project Wonder’s ERXConfigurationManager to ‘twiddle’ your model connection dictionary settings here.

I only listed the global properties, but there are per model properties as well. Unfortunately the JDBC settings are not very well documented. So, to google index my brain, here are my notes: Most of the heavy lifting is done by the fixJDBCDictionary method in ERXModelGroup – you can read the source if you want to know all the values – here is a (MySQL) example with the most common ones:

  • MyModelName.URL=jdbc:mysql://localhost/my_dbname?capitalize…etc
  • MyModelName.DBUser=db_user
  • MyModelName.DBPassword=db_password
  • MyModelName.DBDriver=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

One thought on “Connection Dictionary Twiddling – Part 2

  1. This is a great tip. I spotted the original blog entry some time back and thought “..must make a note of that..” but didn’t of course and kept using the embedded model configurations! Until it’s needed today. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to work with EntityModeler. Thanks for google indexing this and all the other great WO stuff.

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