Mac OS X 10.3.9

Mac OS X 10.3.9 was released yesterday. There have been several posts on the WOProject, WO Developer, and Java lists that indicate that this update borks Java 1.4.2 for some people. I wasn’t going to upgrade, but I read that the update includes Safari 1.3. Safari 1.3 includes support for contentEditable and designMode so, I’m interested in trying it out.

I shutdown all of my applications, backed up my boot drive (I like SuperDuper!), downloaded the combo updater, crossed my fingers, and let it rip. So far, so good, every thing is running well.

Eclipse fires up fine, and my current projects all run without any issues.

As documented on Surfin’ Safari, Safari 1.3 is very fast. It does seem to have issues with Google Maps though, and I cannot find documentation on getting the HTML editing to work (none of the Mozilla/Midas-based examples light up).

Why Apple insists on releasing OS and Security updates on Friday is beyond me though.

Update: Changing the User Agent to MSIE via the Debug menu in Safari seems to allow Google Maps to function again.